Familiar Looking Strangers are based in Liverpool, the music capital of the UK. Growing up in the true English home of rock and roll; Liverpool, England. They played the Liverpool scene heavily in their early years, including performances at the birthplace of The Beatles; The Cavern Club. The combining of Americana Roots-Rock, Blues and British Pop has stirred up a very unique sound created by these five lads from across the pond. Familiar Looking Strangers really come to life on the stage, performing with so much energy and passion that it’s hard not to love it. FLS just finished up a 30 city American tour. The band has been in the studio recording a ton of new material that will be released soon.

Familiar Looking Strangers are:
Familiar Looking Strangers

The Strangers are led by vocalist Vinny McPoland, a Liverpool native who crossed an ocean with the band to pursue the “dream of music”. As the designated point person for the Strangers, his soulful voice combined with storytelling takes the listener on a journey through love, hate and heartbreak. He commands the stage with the support of four other “strangers”, who give the band the rock ‘n’ roll edge.

Guitarist Paul Baker has the look and feel of an English rocker, coiled like a rattlesnake at the working end of a guitar. Inked, slicked, and wiry, he rides his motorcycle too fast when he’s not working as a painter. With a penchant for Clint Eastwood movies and songs from the Allman Brothers, his dream is making music his only job. Pauls a Hoegarden-drinking, Indian curry-eating throwback whose guilty pleasure is watching certain dance competitions on the telly. He’s the yin to Vinnie’s yang. Together, they write the majority of the bands tunes.

Drummer Ben Gorry is the wild child in the bunch. On the surface he’s a chef with a discerning palate who has a weakness for women and drums. As with any drummer, if he’d written Zeppelins Whole Lotta Love, all would be good in the world. Either that—or having his little girl see him play as a headliner at a major festival.

We think bassist Jon Goldby looks like a young Kirk Douglas. He laughs when we say that, but he’s also the guy we figure could hold his own in a scrape, but some of the tales of the Liverpool streets sound like they could have been written by Jon. Often mistaken for an Australian, his beer is All-American Pabst Blue Ribbon which fits right into his love of the American Hot rod show.

Carlos Lopez is a beer-brewing, aerospace engineer from Madrid. Now residing in Liverpool, he met the other Strangers after a long and grueling drive from Spain’s capital. He arrived at Folkestone, southern England and by a simple twist of fate decided Liverpool was the place to be. He would soon grace his presence in a backstreet rehearsal room above a carpet shop with a Gretsch guitar and a penny for a pick; the rest is history. He’s a quiet thinker who can’t quite figure out why there are eight different kinds of onion rings on American menus.